ALL but one of Manchester’s MPs voted in favour of a vote to initiate formal talks regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union no later than March 2017.

Stockport’s Labour MP, Ann Coffey, was one of 89 nationwide MPs that voted against the Government’s Brexit plan on Wednesday.

One Conservative MP, former chancellor Ken Clarke, opposed Theresa May’s timetable, however, the Prime Minister achieved the support of 461 MPs.

A vote on a Labour motion calling for the Government to publish its Brexit plan was also successful by 448 to 75.

The Prime Minister’s acceptance of Labour’s motion came on Tuesday after facing a revolt of 40 Conservative MPs.

Nine labour MPs voted against the party’s own proposal, three of which, Ms Siddiq, Ms West and Mr Zeichner, serve on Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench.

The two votes represent a compromise between Labour and the Conservatives, but some have accused Jeremy Corbyn of handing the Torys a ‘Blank Cheque’ on initiating Brexit.

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