A BARBER from Yousef Barbershop on Eccles New Road in Salford has been given a suspended sentence for dropping his shorts in the gym and pestering a woman for sex.

Mohsen Belhaj, 46, first started to bother the girl who is 25 years his younger at Fit Gym when she was just 16 years old.

After 2 years at university, she re-joined the gym, and he made it clear that he still fancied her.

Belhaj continued to continuously bother her and even took two pictures of her wearing a bikini and only deleted them when he was confronted by two members off staff.

In Manchester and Salford magistrates court, he was slammed by Judge Sanders. Sanders declared, “At present you are such a risk I am going to ban you from all public swimming baths and gyms in Greater Manchester.”

Belhaj, who is now a convicted sex offender, was also given a 6-month curfew keeping him indoors between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am, and ordered to pay his victim £250 compensation- and £735 prosecution costs. He has also been ordered to go to rehabilitation for 3 months following the electronic tag curfew.

Belhaj still maintains his innocence, despite the conviction.

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