STUDENTS in Salford are being asked to donate a pair of socks this Christmas in order to help those living on the streets stay warmer.

The Sock Drop is a new and simple initiative started by The University of Salford’s Students’ Union.

The campaign encourages students, staff and others from the Salford area to drop a pair of brand new socks off in designated boxes around the campus.

The collection remains open until Friday December 23 and all donations will be handed over to a homelessness charity in Manchester, which will then distribute the socks to those in need.

Ceewhy Ochoga, President of the Student’s Union, explained that the main idea behind the campaign is to spead warmth and love this festive season.

sock drop
Ceewhy Ochoga, President
Credit: Hollie Rees

She said: “We know that the homeless people probably don’t have a place to stay and are in the cold, so we just thought ‘what can we do to make their lives a little bit warmer this Christmas?’

“An extra layer of socks will always help to keep them warm.”

There are a number of collection points – at the Students’ Union, Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar and in each student accommodation building.

sock drop
Donated socks for the homeless Credit: Hollie Rees

The turnaround has been good so far, but Ceewhy hopes that more people will open their hearts and give something simple which would be of great help to those in need.

Lisa, who has been on the streets of Manchester for the last six months, said: “A pair of warm socks helps, but not a lot.

“Socks are going to keep your feet warm, but what about a warm property where we could actually stay?”

Lisa explained that she is grateful for small donations like these, but is slightly frustrated that such campaigns only take place around Christmas time.

She said: “What about the other 364 days? Christmas is not the only time we need help and support.”

One in every 266 people in the Greater Manchester area is homeless, according to statistics by the Shelter charity.

The number of rough sleepers in England rises every year. Street counts and estimates carried out by the government give a rough idea of how many people live on the streets across the country.

In 2015 they estimated approximately 3,569 people sleep rough on any given night across England – a rise of 30% on the previous year and double the amount since 2010. The actual figures are likely to be much higher.

rough sleepers in England
Statistics provided by

Manchester and Salford residents are encouraged to give what they can to those in need this Christmas.

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