INCREDIBLE performances and a tiny splash of sunshine were presented to an intimate crowd at Manchester Academy 2 last night. Australian indie rockers The Temper Trap, along with support band Tempesst, turned a dreary December night into one to remember.

Dressed all in black and revealing that it was only their second time playing on a Manchester stage, psych rock band Tempesst dived straight in and gave it their all.

The five-piece’s sound was a very pleasant surprise. With guitar-heavy anthems and a presence that wouldn’t be considered out of place in a bigger venue, myself and the rest of the tightly-packed crowd enjoyed them right from the very first note.

Singer, Toma Banjanin, jumped around the stage and wiped visible beads of sweat from his face after each track, while his twin, Andy, banged the drums and provided backing vocals.

Along with the rest of the unsigned group, the duo played a variety of songs flawlessly including the slow and smooth ‘Broke Down Blues’ and latest catchy single, ‘Sunflower Lady’.

Each song was performed with consistent energy and the crowd’s applause just grew bigger and bigger. Tempesst are definitely one to watch in 2017.

Christmas classics blasted out over the speakers during the interval and everyone sang along to ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time’ and ‘Last Christmas’ – what a treat.

Slightly later than their planned stage time, The Temper Trap arrived – and they were definitely worth the longer wait.

Combining older songs from their 2009 debut album, ‘Conditions’ with brand new tracks from the latest, ‘Thick As Thieves’ – frontman, Dougy Mandagi’s vocals sounded just as polished as on record.

Despite admitting that he was ill, the crowd never would have guessed as Mandagi hit the high notes perfectly.

Incorporating instruments such as tambourines and maracas into the set, while still maintaining outstanding vocals and impressive guitar riffs, just goes to show how talented and versatile the four-piece are.

Encouraging the crowd to clap along – not that they needed much encouragement – the band gave a top performance of ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’, taken from the new album.

After leaving the stage following their hour long set, the group returned to the audience chanting: “We want Temper Trap, we want Temper Trap!”

Drummer, Toby Dundas, improvised a drum beat along to the chant and the crowd lapped it up.

Mandagi showed his genuine appreciation with an outburst directed to the gig-goers: “You’re all so f****** awesome,” before rolling into a dreamy rendition of ‘Soldier On’.

Concluding the set was the track that everyone in the crowd was undoubtedly waiting to hear. The instantly recognisable intro to ‘Sweet Disposition’ began and the crowd erupted.


Mandagi dived into the audience and crowd surfed to the back of the room as everyone shouted the lyrics back to the remaining band members on stage.

With the evening ending on a high, the buzzing atmosphere lasted long after the group left the stage. The Temper Trap are one of those bands that everyone needs to see perform live once. Then again, and again, and again.

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