THE Hunna returned to Manchester for the first time in 2017 on January 14 with their biggest show in the city to date. Our Entertainment reporter, Abi White also returned to their show…

The four-piece indie rock band, hailing from Hertfordshire, has already marked their footprint on 2017 following their debut performance at the 02 Ritz.

The band, consisting of singer/guitarist Ryan Potter, lead guitarist Dan Dorney, bassist Jermaine Angin, and drummer Jack Metcalfe came to the attention of the music world late 2015.

Fast-forward to just over a year, and the band seemingly have everything going for them. With an extremely successful debut album, sell-out shows and swooning girls, nothing seems to be going wrong for the foursome.

The evening also saw appearances from new Brighton band on the scene, High Tyde.

The hotly tipped band delivered an electric set teamed with fitting strobe lighting that harmonized with their sound and style, delivering a performance that proved that they have the potential to fill venues the size of the 02 Ritz as headliners themselves in the near future.

Ending their set with their notorious track, ‘Dark Love’, the Sussex southerners sent the northern crowd into frenzy, as pints flew through the air and teens pogo-ed along to the final track of their set.

After a few well-chosen tunes blared over the PA, The Hunna sauntered as The Weekdnd’s “Partymonster” echoed around the hall, showing a hint of rebellion and confidence through their personalities as they were met with a roar from the audience.

The set list saw a change to the previous tour and throughout the gig; it became obvious that this was a better crafted setlist.

This time, opening their set with ‘You and Me’, a better known than the opener of ‘We Could Be’ on the band’s previous tour, there became a sudden surge within the audience, as members of the crowd pushed through in urgency in order to get to within touching distance of their idols.

‘Piece by Piece’ and ‘Still got Blood’ both also played within the first five songs of the set, which undoubtedly set the rest of the night up to be a rowdy one; encouraging the mosh pit instigators to do their ‘thing’.

However, the mosh pits did see similar antics to what it saw hunna2during the last gig in Manchester, with teens jumping in prematurely before the drop of the chorus.

An almost comedic part of the show came as the band played their slowest number, ‘Sycamore Tree’.

A confused mumble rippled through the crowd as a group of boys formed a large mosh pit, who then seemed to embarrassingly realise that the song was mellow through out.

Once audience members had overlooked with confusion, they slowly became engaged in the slower track, as teens attempted to hold their friends upon their shoulders with torches held high in the air.

Chants also surrounded the whole evening, with the typical ‘Manchester La La La’ echoing around the 02 Ritz, before girls started chanting for the band to remove their shirts and then proceeded to fight over them as they gave them to the audience.

‘Bonfire’ was a well-chosen track to end the band’s set on and demonstrated how they could hold the audience’s attention throughout their performance as the last mosh pits of the evening began to form.

Returning with an encore a lot more successful than that of the last tour and signing off their performance with ‘Bad For You’, the band seem to exceed what is expected of their performance every time.

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