MANCHESTER breweries have had a successful weekend with two local breweries taking home prestigious awards by

Cloudwater Brew Co was one of the Manchester breweries to have been awarded a place on the top ten list of best brewers in the world for 2016. The competition was scored by a summary of all reviews but according to

Is also based on “ten different weighted scales that place an emphasis on reviews of the past year and top performing beers but also includes historical all-around performance, a brewer’s range of performance across styles, and other factors to compare newer and older, larger and smaller brewers under a single method of processing.” It the first UK beer to place in the top ten.

Meanwhile, Marble brewery’s flagship pub The Marble Arch won a spot on England’s best places for beer list. This competition was scored exclusively on reviews.

In speaking to Robert Steventon, the quizmaster at The Marble Arch, he said:

“While we have all this heritage here, there are also so many of these new green shoots. We have fantastic new bars and breweries opening up. In terms of concentration to an area, and compared to Leeds or Liverpool, Manchester wins hands down for pub culture. I suppose some people say that the pub is dying out, but that’s definitely not the case here.”

When asked about the awards effecting the business at The Marble Arch, Steventon explained that “the pub was already quite the historic place, so especially now with all the awards it’s more of a destination rather than a stop off point. People who come here come to stay here.

There’s all the original old trinkets and features and we brew our own beer just down the road. It’s an attraction now as well I suppose.”

For more information or to just have a look the results yourselves, all the categories are available here: 

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