THE NIGHT began exciting for everyone involved. The EP launch for Ambiere was obviously a special event for the band, however it also allowed other local bands to show off their talent and solidify a position in Manchester’s underground indie scene.

Amber Lane-Mclvor, frontwoman for Ambiere said after the gig; “The EP launch and the tour we did was the best experience, we went to some lovely places and was surrounded by the best atmospheres and people.”

“We’re planning on promoting this EP and hopefully getting some more gigs and looking at festivals. Just hoping the grooving continues really with more writing on the side.”

From the live set they produced, it’s not hard to see why they were excited. They roar through theirintricate and pounding tunes, setting the stage ablaze with shimmering guitars and impressive vocals. It’s not just Ambiere that manage to thrill either. Support band Hover Bored also tear down the stage as they show of their ability to blend melodies that are so sweet they turn bitter with loud and destructive guitars.

Luke Shenton, Hover Bored drummer, said: “We were all really pleased with how the gig turned out, it seems to get more exciting every time to be honest.”

“It was great because we got our chance to all got our hands on an Ambiere record each; their new EP which is fantastic.”

There was also the band prior to this, Shamu, whose keyboard fused more complex indie-rock really stood out. The band were on fire, also happily engaging in crowd banter, getting the audience to help them out with the mic’s. The intimacy of smaller groups like this is where the appeal lies, and is just not an experience you could get with much larger bands.


The first band, Plume, were a force to be reckoned with. For an opening act, they were fairly mind blowing. The jazzy instrumentals residing in the background toppled with the incredible vocal range of the singer really made this band stand out, and are definitely one to watch.

All the bands that performed prove that Manchester’s music scene is still one to keep an eye on, and each of these bands should soon be on everyone’s radar.

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