VALENTINE’S Day can be an exciting day to spend with a loved one, if you have one… Satty Clarke of Chorlton Dating is here to help with hints and tips!

Entrepreneurs, Satty Clarke and her husband recently set up dating site Chorlton Dating last November whilst also running their Chorlton based tuition centre for children.

Chorlton Dating believes that online dating simply doesn’t work for a lot of people, so they created a way in which people can meet within their comfort zone.

Satty Clarke, founder of the organisation, said: “The idea of Chorlton Dating came from a lot of disappointed friends.”

She continues “We started out late November. We have a lot of people interested, we have a lot of people on our database and we are interviewing potential individuals who we can connect together.”

Their concept allows Chorlton Dating to meet every one of their members, before arranging a date for them. 

Satty assures “Chorlton Dating will do the the chase for you.

You go online, you sign up and then make an appointment with me and we will do the consultation.”

She continues to add that the consultation itself will speed up the dating process for you, setting up your profile together before she starts looking for potential matches.

The company also offers a chaperone service for those who may be too nervous to go on a date alone.

Satty gives her best dating advice, how to be safe on a first date and also provides some useful Valentines Day hints and tips from Chorlton Dating.

You can get set up with Chorlton Dating and find out more information about them via their website and their Twitter.


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