AT Altrincham fire station, Manchester, crews teamed up with Wilmslow, Cheshire fire service to practise for a road traffic collision.

The exercise was to respond to a RTC involving three cars, using their skills to safely free the casualties from the wreck.

Arriving at 5 minute intervals, the crews work as if on a cofire2untry lane with the driver and passenger of the overturned vehicle not wearing seatbelts.

If they aren’t called out to an incident, fire crews will often carry out many different types of training activities.

Senior Communications Officer for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Matthew Groom, said: “It’s important for firefighters to keep their skill set up to date and sharp.

“All the training is done, so when we arrive at an incident, everyone knows exactly what they have to do and how to approach it. This allows us to maintain and continually deliver high standards.”

Below is a video from the training exercise:

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