An art book celebrating Salford’s heritage and history has been commissioned in honour of the 50th anniversary of the University of Salford.

The book, which aims to include visual art, photography and creative writing is currently collecting submissions from staff and students at the University and from any member of the public with links to Salford who wishes to get involved.

Submissions close on February 28th with a view to publish the book in May, in time for the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Hannah Briggs, 23, chief editor of the book said: “We want to be a celebration of the university first and foremost, but also a celebration of its relationship with the community of Salford and how they’ve both grown together.

Art Book Editor
Hannah Briggs is the book’s chief editor. Image courtesy of Tom Sanders

“We’re looking for creative writing from the people of Salford, whether they’re staff and students at the University or members of the public.

“We’re really trying to get a broad spectrum of submissions, so that people who have just come to Salford, people who are born & bred here, and people who have moved here to live and work are all represented. We really want a good spread of Salford as a whole.”

The concept was originally pitched by Salford University student Alex Nelu, 25, who claimed that Salford deserved to have the same level of representation as Manchester does.

To help reach Salfordians that might not be aware of the project, the team recruited Ashlee Cox, 29, to act as a community engagement officer.

Ashlee said: “As someone who was born here and has lived all over the country, I’ve found that people from Salford are the absolute salt of the earth.

“They’re storytellers- passionate and proud people, and we want to get that across.

“When putting this project together I felt it was really important that the University engage with the community. Lots of people don’t know that the University is turning 50, and we think it’s important to strengthen that link between the academics and ordinary Salford folk.”

Alongside the book, there is also a documentary and a film planned to accompany the release, and a book launch event is being organised to coincide with the anniversary celebrations in May. Cox says she hopes to get local artists and businesses involved in the proceedings.

To submit an entry to the Salford Art Book, email your work or queries to

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