THE LGBT Foundation is launching a series of bisexual specific events, that will take place in Manchester throughout the year.

The Bi Series will consist of bi monthly events for bi people on bi issues and is the first bi focused project that the LGBT Foundation has run.

Lily Huggins, Bi Series organiser and outreach officer, at the LGBT Foundation, said: “Often what’s happened with the history of bisexual people and bisexual communities is that it has been written off as gay history or lesbian history.

“We’re launching in February to commemorate LGBT history month, and we’re putting bi history front and centre.”

Bi Series logo
Bi Series logo

The Bi Series will provide a platform for the members of the bisexual community to share their experiences and stories.

Ms Huggins, said: “We want to build bi community networks and support them in their growth. We also want to improve the visibility and wellbeing of bi people and we want bi people to feel more confident and knowledgeable about bisexual identities.”

The Bisexuality Report (2011) was part of the reason for the introduction of the Bi Series.

The report found that bisexuals experience higher levels of isolation than their lesbian and gay counterparts, and that they often cite biphobia as a reason to not engage with the LGBT community.

Lily Huggins (second from right)
Lily Huggins (second from right)

Ms Huggins said: “By creating bi only spaces we can improve the wellbeing of bi people by making them feel more comfortable.”

The Bi Series launch event is on Saturday 25th February at the Poeple’s History Museum, Manchester, from 3-5pm.

“It’s important for people who don’t identify as bi to come along to the launch and learn more about bi history and to show their solidarity with the bi community,” said Ms Huggins.

The launch event will include a talk on bi history from prominent bi activist Jen Yockney MBE, who described the bi series as, “welcome and long overdue.”

Of her talk, Mx Yockney said: “The talk is mostly about Manchester’s bi  history since the 80s, as the city of the oldest bi organisation in the country. And I’m hoping that as well as sharing those tales it helps draw out others.”

The talk will be followed by ‘speed-mating’, where guests can share their stories with one another in an informal setting.

There is also the opportunity for guests to add their history to a Bi History video project which is being run by Biphoria, a Manchester based support group for bisexual people.

The event is free and tickets can be ordered on the Eventbrite website.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer or find out more information should email the LGBT Foundation at

More information about the Bi Series can be found on the LGBT Foundation website.

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  1. Thanks for giving the event a shout-out — it was a great success and standing room only.

    Anyone wanting to find a bi space for support or making friends with other bi people socially might want to look up BiPhoria, the UK’s oldest bi organisation and based in Manchester – see

    And Bi Community News magazine will bring you a dose of bi news and opinion through your letterbox.

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