CREATED in 2010, David Bintley’s Cinderella finally came to the Lowry Theatre performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet and it definitely did not disappoint. With glamorous costumes and fantastic choreography, this performance brought a hint of magic to Salford Quays.

Birmingham Royal Ballet comes to The Lowry theatre
Birmingham Royal Ballet comes to The Lowry theatre

Many may find a dialog-less performance mundane and uninteresting, but this ballet was perfectly executed and directed that the lack of discourse goes completely unnoticed. It was so enjoyable that both ballet enthusiasts and novices can equally appreciate its brilliance.

First off, a huge congratulations is in order for the dancers who completely blew the audience away. Award- winning Yaoqian Shang played Cinderella and her performance was utterly flawless, as was Prince Charming’s performance played by Yasuo Atsuji. Both lead dancers received a roar of approval at the end of the ballet.

Alongside Shang and Atsuji were dancers Alys Shee and Laura Day who fantastically portrayed the “ugly step sisters”, Skinny and Dumpy. Throughout the performance they had the audience in stitches due to their comical scenes which massively added to the entertainment value overall. The rest of cast did brilliantly as well performing each dance/scene exceptionally.

In addition to the cast was the phenomenal costume design. From enchantingly sparkled tutus that genuinely appeared diamond encrusted to strikingly realistic mice, toad and lizard costumes. The cast looked truly sensational; costume design is of course a huge element to a ballet and the designer knocked it out the park for Cinderella.

The set design was also outstanding and extremely well thought through. It was reasonably simple but with the costumes being so extravagant along with the choreography – a more straightforward backdrop was ideal. Saying this, the use of the impressive, large clock was excellent and really added to the drama of the scene where Cinderella has to leave the ball at midnight. The use of the smoke when the Fairy Godmother comes on to the stage was well used as well – it gave a brilliant cloud effect.

Lastly, there was the music which was beautifully written by Sergei Prokofiev. The music was the finishing touch to the enchanting production truly bringing an essence of magic to the theatre. Whether it was adding to the drama, the comedy or the beauty of the ballet, it was the music that perfectly stood in place of any dialog and completed the delightful performance.

Over all, Birmingham Royal Ballet superbly performed an enchanting take on a Disney classic which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

If you want to go see Cinderella, the Birmingham Royal Ballet will be at the Theatre Royal Plymouth from the 8th – 11th March and the Sunderland Empire theatre from 16th – 18th March as well.

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