GRAVITATE made its debut music event in the heart of Manchester on Saturday [4th March], adding to the rich background the city already has to boast in the music industry.

Fans ascended upon the nightclub Gorilla, situated underneath Oxford Road train station, ready for the launch of the sold-out event.

Behind the brand Gravitate is Nicky Bower and Ryan Ward both 26-years-old. Speaking with and asking what Gravitate is about, Ryan Said:

Gravitate Manchester
Gravitate Manchester

“We have always wanted to create our own brand, so we took on the opportunity and went for it. We both feel that there isn’t anything exciting being made in Manchester recently and in the North West in general, so that’s what we want to change.

“We [Nicky and Ryan] have always been fanatical about dance music from the moment we left school, sharing the same passion and gaining valuable experience through clubbing and DJing from a young age”.

Speaking before the event, the expectation is bound to be high, debut and all:

“We have very high expectations for the night being our debut event! We are putting everything into this, nothing but full throttle. Especially on the production front, we have added lasers and CO2 machines to make it that extra special” Ryan added.

Along with numerous music events throughout the city, Gravitate brings a new and exhilarating experience, widening the choice of events for music lovers to indulge in. The brand also offers an alternative genre not so seen in Manchester as much as Ryan tells:

“Right now we are concentrating on Trance as it is our preferred choice of music and there is a huge loyal following and foundation. However, we are not purists and love all aspects of music.

“We are huge techno lovers also. So, who knows, you could potentially see ourselves and Gravitate fuse together the best techno night Manchester has seen”.

While potentially bringing the best techno night to Manchester in the future, the debut had something to shout about, as Gravitate secured the services of emerging trance scene DJ Ben Nicky to headline the night.

Music producer and International DJ Ben Nicky has been rapidly growing in popularity, having been acknowledged by established DJ’s such as Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren. It’s beyond fantastic to see talent such as Ben performing at an up and coming event in the city of Manchester.

His Psy trance and energetic set was unparalleled on the night. His on-deck skills, complimented by the visual production put together by Ryan and Nicky dazzled fans, for five hours Gorilla nightclub was seamlessly another dimension.

 See Ben Nicky’s performance here:

Among the line up where DJ’s Nash, David Rust and The Technicians who all played outstanding sets, all in accord to the night’s mood. Nicky Bower commenting about the night, said:

“Yeah they are our good friends [The Technicians] there going to be our residents. Ben Nicky was pretty class to be honest and glad all the production went to plan as well”.

In recent months Manchester took a blow to the music scene with the closing down of the renowned club Sankey’s. Talking about location and venue, Ryan commented:

“We originally chose Sankeys for our event but unfortunately they unexpectedly closed down, sad news to everyone however we had to act fast as tickets had already sold, so we immediately got on to Gorilla. We explained our situations and they were happy to have us on board.

“Game on! A new venue with an even bigger capacity”.

Truth be told, to hold the event at Gorilla was a sterling choice by the pair as Ryan mentioned, the club hosts a bigger capacity, but also possess a viewing balcony to give a more exclusive experience.

Communicating with fans on the night and asking their thoughts about Gravitate, one reveler said:

“I really enjoy hitting the event scene compared to the night out across pubs and bars, everyone is here for the same reason because we all love music. To have another event which I hope will become a recurring theme at Gorilla is just what I like to see in Manchester”.

A younger member of the crowd, named Vicky who travelled down from Newcastle commented:

“I’m in love, Trance is a passion of mine, I have been following Ben Nicky, travelling the country to each time he performs. I am so excited to see him again”.

Clearly the debut was a great success as it seems Gravitate stamped their unique mark in Manchester’s event catalogue. Ryan finally added some last thoughts about the brand:

“Our short-term plans are to bring a fresh new brand to Manchester that people recognise with the biggest and best artists in the world right now. Our long-term aim is to eventually branch out and explore other venues up and down the country creating bigger parties”.

Check out the Facebook page for updates and event information. Or visit the Gorilla nightclub website for information here.

As in the words by Ryan Ward, watch this space.

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