WORLD Kidney Day 2017 is being celebrated at Salford Royal Hospital this Thursday.

Salford Royal Hospital is to host a series of events to raise awareness on World Kidney Day this Thursday (9th March).

Organisations and groups will come together, hosting a range of activities at part of the Salford Royal Hospital’s Hope Building.

Kidney disease affects over 3 million people in the UK, but up to a million of these people may be undiagnosed, according to

It is also stated that 3,300 kidney transplants take place in the UK every year but over 5,200 people are still waiting.

Taking part on the day includes groups such as, Hope Kidney Patients Association who will be raising money to support kidney patients by organising a raffle stall.

Hope Kidney Patients Association is a registered charity run by kidney patients for kidney patients and their surrounding carers and family.

There will also be a joint appearance from the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) and Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network (GMKIN), who will be holding a stand on the day for people to find out more about what the BKPA does as well as see the new GMKIN website, designed by patients for patients.

Diagram of a Kidney.
Diagram of a Kidney.

Rob Finnigan, part of the Greater Manchester Kidney Information Network told me, “World Kidney Day gives us the opportunity to draw attention to kidney disease which is often described as an ‘invisible illness’. 

“This year’s theme is ‘kidney disease and obesity’ and focuses on healthy eating and exercise both of which help us look after our kidneys and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, a leading cause of kidney failure. 

“Healthcare professionals, researchers and patients will be coming together at Salford Royal to both raise awareness of the condition and discuss the effects it has on people’s lives”.

Organisations such as The Chronic Kidney Disease team, Young Adults Renal Network and Kidneys for Life will also be available to visitors, hosting activities and giving important information about taking care of your kidneys.

To find out for information on the event you can visit the website here, or get involved with #WorldKidneyDay via Salford Royal Hospitals Twitter or Facebook.

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