A DETAINED refugee has been released after facing deportation from Manchester Airport to Uganda, where she faces persecution.

Lydia Nabukenya was released from Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire on Sunday, March 12 after being moved from Manchester Airport last week.

Lydia Nabukenya fled to Greater Manchester as a refugee in 2015 to escape persecution in Uganda as a gay woman.

Lydia’s story sparked support and an online petition was created demanding her release from the detention centre.

One supporter stated: “Returning her to a country which will treat her in an inhumane way due to her sexuality would in my view be totally unacceptable and show a collision with a criminal and barbaric practice.

“As a British citizen I urge we provide this woman with a safe home and grant her permission to remain here. Please don’t send her back.”

Lydia fled her home country after she and her girlfriend were attacked by a local group at their home.

Both Lydia and her girlfriend have claimed asylum on the grounds of sexuality and have been housed by the Home Office in different geographical areas.

The Lesbian Immigration Support Group said: “The UK should not be sending a lesbian woman back to Uganda, a country that persecutes LGBT people.

“Unless we do all we can to help, Lydia will be sent back to a dangerous situation. Your support may well help Lydia to live a free life as a lesbian woman without fear of persecution or even death.”

Homosexuality remains illegal in Uganda.

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