USERS are being told to stay away form the 108 iPhone Siri prank that’s causing problems for Greater Manchester Police.

A prank has emerged online in the form of a meme which tricks iPhone users into calling emergency services.

Apple product users are being encouraged to do the 108 iPhone Siri prank, unaware of what will happen.

Saying 108 to Siri will immediately connect the user to their local emergency service.

108 is the Indian equivalent to 999, which we use in the United Kingdom.

Siri will recognise the number as a call for help and connect the iPhone user to their local emergency service, causing people to hang up immediately.

Greater Manchester Police are urging people not to say 108 in cases that aren’t an emergency.

“Please do not do this as it connects you to our emergency operators the same as dialling the emergency number 999 yourself,” say officers at Pendleton Police Station.

Calling 999 when you have no reason is a burden to an already overstretched call system which could have potentially fatal consequences.

“In some cases, you will get a visit from one of our officers as we cannot always distinguish from a genuine or hoax call.

“The implications of this can waste time and stop our officers from attending a genuine emergency.

“Please think twice before following any online instructions,” stress Greater Manchester Police.

Other numbers to look-out for include 911, 112, 110 and 000.

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