ANNUAL Salford fun run will begin at Salford’s Peel Park Campus and is aimed to raise money for local charity kidscan. The event is this Friday on the 28th of April, and the vice chancellor has encouraged people to participate with her in the run.

The Salford fun run starts at the University campus. The event is set to coincide with 50th anniversary celebrations of Salford University.

Last year the fun run raised over £1,500, the event this year is sponsored by Santander Universities and Sports Tours UK.

Tickets are available for everyone, the pricing ranges from £8 to £12. With all the proceeds going to the charity Kidscan.

Kidscan is a children’s charity that was created in 2002 to help and support new treatments specifically for children with cancer.

Kidscan receives no funding, so they rely on events like this on Friday to help them carrying on their research into helping children with cancer.

Tickets are £8 for University Students, £10 for University Staff and £12 for the general public.

Participants can join the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Marshall, by running, walking or jogging their way to the finish line, which will be reached through Peel Park campus, across David Lewis Playing Fields and the historic Peel Park itself.

The race starts at 1pm but participants have to register at the University’s sports hall at 12:15pm and the warm up is at 12:45pm just 15 minutes before the event starts.

You can sign up for the race on Friday here

By George Hutchinson

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