WITH the coming general election on June 8 and the nation ready to go to the polls to cast their vote, time before has shown how the turnout is generally far lower among the younger generation as compared to the older ones.

To ensure that the voices of the young people are heard and their concerns addressed, turning out to vote is the best possible way of this happening. In the May 2015 general election only 43 percent of voters between the ages of 18-24 turned up to cast a vote.

However it is not just the younger generation with fewer voters as over the years data shows how far fewer voters throughout the nation have turned up to vote. Since 2001 the turnout has steadily been on the rise however the younger generation has seen a slower recovery rate.

Younger generation
Sourced: The Telegraph

Whether it is a topical conversation with friends, a discussion with a stranger together or online over social media, the younger generation are not so disengaged from politics. Youth activism over the past years has shown an appetite for social change among our generation.

Young people are one of the groups less likely to be registered to vote. The issue is not that the younger voters are not active and do not care about politics, but that their is a lack of faith in the political system and how how nobody has the best interest of the younger generation.

It is also that the younger generation think their vote will not count. Check this video of JME as he meets with Jeremy Corbyn and talks about politics, youth and the election. [Full video of the meeting can be found here].

Registering to vote and choosing to vote come the election can have a profound impact. If the younger generation have a higher turnout and decided the direction of seats the politicians would be forced to cater to the younger audiences.

Conducting a small Polltwenty-four hour poll over social-media base Twitter, I asked people aged between 18-40, would they be casting a vote in this coming general election. An astounding 76% voted yes that they would be casting a vote.

Although the poll had only reached just short of 200 votes, the data is promising (showing more then 3 quarters of voters on the poll choosing Yes) that more of our younger generation are engaged with the election and ready to vote.

Listen here from an array of younger adults who share their thoughts on why the younger generation should register and cast a vote in the coming election.

The point being that the younger generation have the ability to influence politics if they exercise it. As voting closes at midnight tonight [May 22] it is important for everyone, especially for the younger generation to register to vote for the coming general election on June 8. You can register here.


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