STUDENT brass players from the University of Salford visited Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for a’ music in the community’ project.  

The quintet comprises of five student musicians who all play brass instruments. The project was lead by Ryan Broad who is  studying a masters at University of Salford.

This was an opportunity for the students to offer something positive for those in the hospital. Speaking to Susan Fairclough, Head of Play services at the hospital, she said:

” The choice of music was great as it featured tracks from famous films such as, Disney films. The patients, families and staff were familiar with a lot of the pieces played. This helped the hospital feel less clinical and made the atmosphere much more relaxed.”

For the short time the group spent there, the children on the wards had their spirits lifted and many came down to listen.

Ryan commented: ” My ambitions for this project came from a strong passion for music education, especially for those less fortunate. I endeavored to have a scenario whereby children were enlightened and our music could distract them for an hour or so.”

Pieces also performed were the Harry Potter theme tune, Pirates of the Caribbean, How to Train Your Dragon and Amazing Grace                                                                .

The hospital run a lot of programs for music therapy. They are currently working with Lime Music for Health. Based at Royal Manchester Children’s hospital, this three year project is funded by Youth Music.

Currently, they have an ongoing residency at the hospital called Songbird which works with children who have life long threatening illnesses.

Ryan commented: ” I had heard such great things about the work Royal Manchester do so it seemed like a no brainer, to collaborate my venture with the hospital.” 

Video of the brass quintet

Listen to the interview with Susan Fairclough Head of Play Services


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