Manchester Fashion Week is back with eighteen shows across two days, featuring designers from Peru, USA and Jamaica.

The event, which is in its third year, is directed by Amanda Moss, award winning journalist and leading entrepreneur and events director. Moss founded Liverpool Fashion week in 2009.

Designers showcase their collections in front of an audience of buyers and fashion bloggers. Last year’s designers were picked up by ASOS, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli.

Last night (22nd May) at the Manchester Metropolitan Union was haute couture & urban street-wear.

Flency Basra showcased her prominent African influenced designs. Leading ethical designer Fruitbats & Screwballs featured her summer collection alongside her statement knitted capes. Mama Manco flew in from Peru to launch their debut couture collection, and also vegan friendly designer Fabrikk.

Today is dedicated to emerging talent, featuring plus size couture Auder Locks and Va-Valicious on the catwalk tonight along with menswear and street wear Sauce and Brown.

Exhibitions will allow ticket holders to meet designers face to face, try on collections and meet stylists, boutique owners and the team behind Manchester Fashion Week.

Moss, the event director has in the past campaigned against the Government education policy of fining parents who take their children out of school in term time. Even launching a range dedicated to the campaign ‘Families Come First’. Moss said:

Moss said: “I believe children should be allowed to go on holiday without a fine being implemented. I believe children learn just as much from cultural experience on holiday. And that is just what this campaign is trying to get across, that families are first before everything.”

Manchester Fashion Week is one of the biggest independent fashion shows outside of London, something, which frustrates Moss;

“Fashion is a statement and we know that, but it should be a statement for not just a select few. For everyone, in every part of the country. We have some of the best creative talent in the world, showing that the North West can compete with London in fashion. Which is why we are repeating the ‘Northwest is Best’ hashtag.”

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