A new academic year for students has appeared to bring along a new surge of crime with it, with an estimated 30% of students falling victim to crime each year.

Matt Harvison, a student at the University of Manchester, has set up a petition to raise awareness of burglaries in Manchester’s student areas. Whether you are a student living in Manchester, a concerned parent of a Manchester student, a resident of the surrounding area or you yourself have been burgled, you can sign the petition here to make a change.

He said: “I thought it was important to raise some sort of awareness of the daily issues facing students living in and around the Fallowfiled area.

“Daily posts in the Fallowfield Students Group tell this story, with a massive amount of students having being burgled, some even in broad daylight whilst they were in the house. Some action needs to be taken.”

You can find out more and sign Matt’s petition here.

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