LOYLE CARNER performed a sold out show at the O2 Ritz Manchester on Thursday to conclude his 12 date UK tour.

‘I love Manchester’ gleamed the 23-year-old hip hop MC in a husky south London accent.

Carner, whose birth name is actually Benjamin Gerard Coyle Larner, was one of this year’s Mercury Prize nominees for his debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’.

At first sight, he graced the stage during the regal introduction to his single ‘The Isle of Arran’, the stage lights brightly pierced the stage as he energetically begun to rap.

He controlled the crowd with his cool yet cheeky charisma and charmed the public with his sweet, family anecdotes that made everyone laugh in awe.

Despite performing to 1,500 people, it was a very intimate night, he shared some of his personal thoughts and performed with pure emotion to a room full of his fans. His music voyages through his childhood, past relationships and family life including the absence of his father from a young age.

The south Londoner was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia, he has been extremely open about the troubles he faced growing up as child with his learning difficulties and has even gone on to help others suffering with the same problems.

Rebel Kleff, his best friend and collaborator, performed ‘NO CD’ as part of the encore of his set. As one of his livelier, angst-y and attitude fuelled songs, no muscles were left unmoved in the venue.

The funky sounding, deep bass guitar made head bopping an automatic response. The sound of Carner and Kleff’s unique flow complementing each made the crowd even more hyped throughout the performance of the relatable millennial anthem.

Loyle teased the crowd with unreleased music and hinted at more music collaborations with good friend Tom Misch. Without a doubt he performed with poignant passion and fun and at points he even caused the feeling of lumps in people’s throats.


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