Greater Manchester police are urging people to hand over any firearms and ammunition, in an appeal to ‘Give up the Gun’.

GMP last ran an appeal like this in April of 2016, where 221 weapons were handed in. It is hoped another appeal will have a similar impact.

The appeal started on November 13 and will run until November 26.

In this time people are able to hand over any firearms they may own to Greater Manchester Police stations.

Give up the Gun

The father and friends of Halton McCollin, who was shot dead in Stretford in 2008, are backing this appeal.

McCollin was shot outside a Chinese takeaway in January 2008 but his killer has never been caught.

His father believes this appeal can help prevent this from happening again.

Detective Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle said: “Too many lives have been torn apart by gun crime and it is no exaggeration to say every weapon retrieved via the surrender has the potential to save a life.

“The surrender offers you an opportunity to dispose of your weapon safely and discreetly whether it is a gun that has been handed down through the family or a firearm in your loft collecting dust.
“You won’t have to give your name or address, we just want more guns out of harm’s way.
“Please do the right thing for the sake of all the families that have had their lives destroyed by firearms.”

Chair of Gun Control Network UK, Gill Marshall-Andrews said: “The Gun Control Network strongly supports GMP’s Give up the Gun campaign.
“We know from studies around the world that the more guns there are in a society the more gun violence there is.”

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