KIDSCAN Salford is a charity which aims to fund research to find safer medicines for children battling cancer.

The charity raises money for cancer research in Salford and across the country, so members of the public can apply for funding to help assist them when researching safer cancer treatments for children.

In the UK 1,600 children between the ages of 0 – 14 will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Kidscan’s aim is to provide lifesaving treatment which are personally designed for each child’s cancer type.

Kristy Leigh, head of Kidscan communications says “adult cancer treatments are very effective which is great however when a child takes the same cancer treatment it is too strong and can effect other parts of their bodies leaving them with mobility issues and learning difficulties, even after the child is cured of cancer”.


Money is raised through family, friends, work colleagues, businesses, and universities who sponsor each other participating in fun challenges like Tough Mudder runs, swimming actives, golf tournaments, and talent show competitions were all the proceeds go to Kidscan.

Mrs Leigh says “people raise money for Kidscan in lots of different ways, it could be anything from going out on the street and shaking a bucket or getting people to sponsor them getting their head shaved”.

From members of the public raising money, Kidscan has supported The University of Salford scientists who have designed and synthesised a new drug which has helped to discover a way of allowing healthy cells to take charge of cancer cells which stops developing tumors.

In September 2018 Kidscan will be hosting a 10 kilometer run starting at MediaCityUK passing through Old Trafford and the Lowry. All the money raised will go into funding child cancer research. To register yourself visit:

For more information on how you can get involved in helping Kidscan raise money for children’s cancer research please contact: 0161 295 3864 or email:

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