MANCHESTER Vegan Cafe and Wellbeing Centre hosted this November’s Vegan Cake Off.

The Manchester Vegan Cafe and Wellbeing Centre in Affleck Palace is a café turn theatre, that accommodates for a large variety of events, including bake offs.

The aim of the event is to raise money for charity, whilst creating an engaging event where vegan bakers can gain advice about different methods and ingredients that are useful for vegan baking.

The winner of the month gets their cake sold in the cafe for one week, with all proceeds going to a charity of their choice.

This competition is now in its third month and has proved to be a large success for both the contestants and the café, with last month’s winner raised £50 for the Bleak Holt Animal Sanctuary.

The event is also helps the café, they are able to see if the new cakes prove to be a hit with customers, with one of their main menu item’s being the winning cake from last month.

Contestants also take the opportunity to gain advice and discuss their recipes, explaining how they were able to overcome certain obstacles that often face vegan bakers.

The event is open to everyone; skilled vegan bakers and people that are completely new to the world of baking.

Gina Topliff Frost, cafe owner and event organiser, ensured that everyone felt at ease within the event, creating a very welcoming and supportive environment.

This emphasizes the supportive community that Mrs Topliff Frost has aimed to create in the wellbeing centre, acting as a place of comfort and encouragement for all.

The café is also designed to help women with Asperger’s, which is an issue very close to Mrs Topliff Frost’s heart, as she also has the developmental disorder.

Digestive difficulties are commonplace among people with Autism and Asperger’s, therefore they often find it difficult to find places in the city where they can eat.

This vegan café aims to provide affordable meals that are animal-friendly and suitable for everybody.

Below is a map that allows you to explore other vegan cafes within the local Manchester area.

Alongside her husband, Mrs Topliff-Frost runs the cafe by day and by night the centre is transformed into a desirable venue.

It is also used for theatre productions, live music, poetry readings and more, under the 3MT production title.

Over the next month they have lots in store, you can see a run down of there events here.

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