LOCAL professional boxer, Osman Aslam is starting up a new charity aimed at combatting drug abuse.

Aslam, 23, from Halliwell, Bolton, started the campaign, “Stop the Drugs” to help those suffering from addiction.

He said: “I’m starting my own campaign- the stop the drugs campaign- me and my team are going to help people quit drugs or any addictions that are bringing people down.

“We would like to go to schools, colleges, universities, if any students or anyone in general need any help how they can leave their addiction we can help them. We have come up with a format that if they follow correctly, their body won’t want that anymore. Anyone who needs this help is going to get it.”

Last year there were 3744 drug related deaths in England and Wales whilst 19.2% of people aged 16-24 admitted to taking illegal drugs.

The up and coming, unbeaten fighter spoke of how the drug abuse of friends had an effect on his life.

“Me as a young lad, I have seen friends who have been addicted to drugs. I have actually lost a few friends to drugs, some friends have lost their minds or gone mentally ill. They have lost their potential that they could have reached in life. It was upsetting for me,” He said.

He went on to say, “I believe that if I start now with my team and my people we can help youngsters and the youth to not go towards drugs. A lot of people when they get hurt in life or things don’t go their way they turn towards drugs. They might go there with the intention of short term but they don’t realise that once they’re addicted it is a long term problem.”

Super-bantam weight, Aslam, has won ten out of ten professional bouts with his last victory coming in a hard fought clash against Ghanaian boxer, Michael Barnor in September this year.

Previous to this, he knocked out tough Bulgarian opponent, Georgi Georgiev in the first round at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester in February.

Aslam is eyeing up big thing next year, with the commonwealth championship being his main goal.

“Hopefully by the end of next year I would like to be commonwealth champion.

“If I could sneak a British title fight too, I would love to do that.”

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