BENEFITS payments are set to be released early this month, just in time for Christmas.

The lead up to Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year for many households. However the government has re-scheduled the date of benefits payments to be paid earlier over the holiday period.

To prevent delays to payments, most will come through on December 22nd or December 29th.

22.2% of Salford’s population – over 36,000 people – are considered ‘economically inactive’ by the government.

This includes students, people who are retired or long-term sick, and those who stay at home to look after their families.

Because of this, the early release of benefits payments this month will come as a great relief to many.

The Bank of England suggests that the average UK household spends £2,000 per month, but that increases to £2,500 in December.

Figures from the Bank of England show how much more we spend in December.

These figures show that we buy 20% more food this month than any other time during the year, and purchase 30% more alcohol.

For more information on this year’s festive benefits payments, click here.

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