MANCHESTER Hospital The Christie have launched a new project called ‘100 Voices’ in order to help patients and families affected by cancer.

The ‘100 Voices’ project will reflect on each persons experience of the disease. There are approximately 730 cancer cases in just North Manchester each year.

Patients and carers that take part will be asked to each voice one word that describes their experience and can remain anonymous throughout if preferred.

MacMillan Survivorship Network Manager and project organiser Ben Heyworth, told Quays News:

“It is often difficult for people who experience cancer to come to terms with the diagnosis, even in long term. It’s a lot to process and sometimes it may feel as if there simply isn’t enough time to take it in. This project will help reflect on each persons experience and will help others taking part.”

Patients, carers or families of people who have been treated for cancer are eligible to take part, as long as they are 12 months post diagnosis and not in the thick of treatment. Participants must also have a connection to The Christie, whether that being they have had one treatment at the hospital.

The project is in partnership with Whitworth Art Gallery, the artwork from the project will be on display at The Christie Hospital in hope that other patients will reflect on their own cancer experiences when they look at it.

Although finding one word to describe such a life-changing experience can seem daunting, the project recently launched a practice session before the official launch in January 2018 where one patient said:

“The ‘100 Voices’ session was the most profound, useful and calming experience I’ve had during my cancer recovery- and the impact of it has been long lasting.”

The ‘voices’ workshops will be guided by an experienced person who has personally been affected by cancer, as well as using techniques such as poetry, performance and drawing. Ben says:

“By sharing their own personal experience will help the people within the group arrive at their chosen word and make them comfortable.”

The complete collection of words, all 100, will shine a diverse and unique light on what it means to live with and beyond cancer, and will be presented as an art installation at The Christie in Summer 2018.

To be referred for The ‘100 Voices’ starting in January 2018 project please visit their website.

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