A CHARITY are giving away nappies after receiving thousands of donations from a manufacturer.

The Red Sea Pedestrians charity have had thousands of nappies donated to them from manufacturer Numark and Quest Personal Care.

Due to the change of packaging design, the company have decided to give them away for people in need, such as families, charities, hospitals and individuals.

The Numark nappies vary in size from Newborn (4-9kg), Mini (7-18kg) and Maxi (11-25kg).

[pullquote]“Nappies are a necessity, they are not a luxury.”[/pullquote]

The charity received over 1700 email requests from potential recipients including international appeals.

Emily Samuels, trustee of the Red Sea Pedestrians, said: “Nappies are a necessity, they are not a luxury. And for these people, who cannot afford to buy nappies for their babies, it will have a massive impact, especially before Christmas when people are trying to save up money for luxuries.”

According to statistics, the total cost of keeping a baby in a nappy for the first two years is estimated to be around £800.

It’s a cost many families can’t afford and the charity are now ready to start delivering the boxes – just in time for Christmas.

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