Salford Stop Smoking services

Salford Stop Smoking services have begun a new campaign to encourage smokers to quit their unhealthy habit.

Stop Smoking Services

Salford City Council currently run a variety of Stop Smoking sessions throughout the week, including drop-in sessions and appointments. The drop-in sessions offer support for those wanting to quit smoking and also advice on e-cigarettes and other ways to help kick the habit.

One-to-one appointments are also available where people will have access to information by trained professionals. You can find out more information on the Salford City Council website.

Salford  Smoking Statistics Infogram

Chelsea Turner from the Salford Health Improvement Team at Salford City Council spoke to Quays News about the free e-cigarette service they offer: “The e-cig project was set up to target smokers from social housing and low income because finances are a major barrier to smokers in Salford who wish to try vaping as opposed to smoking. By getting this for free we are removing that barrier.”

Chelsea added: “E-cigarettes are currently the number one use for individuals to move away from tobacco use and evidence shows they are at least 95% safer than normal cigarettes.”

Quays News spoke to Cieran, from iVape, to discuss how the introduction of free e-cigarettes for those wanting to quit smoking will impact his e-cig shop.

Cieran says he think’s the service will be positive for his shop because: “We provide refills for the e-cigarettes that are being offered and we also have better stock. So, if people didn’t like the ones provided we have other options for them to come and choose from.”

Salford Stop Smoking services will offer e-cig starter kits to be given out when clients sign up for a quit attempt which includes accessing products on the day.

If you want to know more about the benefits of smoking e-cigarettes, take a look at this video:

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care partnership have set a number of goals for putting a stop to smoking once and for all.

The introduction of this scheme has been recognised by the NHS this week as they are proposing a possible programme in the future where the NHS will give out e-cig starter kits.

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