On Friday night, the University of Salford’s Student Union bar was transformed into a casino in order to raise money for the charity, Dig Deep.

The pop up casino included blackjack, roulette, wheel of fortune and poker tables, all of which were run by professional croupiers.

Those that attended the event gained a realistic casino night out, only without losing as much money.

The event was hosted in connection with the Kilimanjaro Society, which is raising money in support of the charity.

Dig Deep helps to provide water and sanitation to communities in Kenya. It also helps to train the community in hygiene importance and how to maintain the taps and toilets they have provided.

The Kilimanjaro Challenge consists of individuals climbing Kilimanjaro, which is the largest free standing mountain in the world, in order to raise money for Dig Deep.

Participants must raise a grand total of £2,990, which covers the donation to Dig Deep and the cost of the trip.

Fundraising activities, such as this casino night, are used to achieve this goal.

“its knowing that its not only going towards furthering yourself but also less fortunate people.”

The map below displays the areas that Dig Deep has helped, by providing access to taps, toilets and water.

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