Dirt Factory is hosting pop-up bike days in Swinton offering cyclists free bike repairs and free bike security tagging.

The event will take place on Tuesday 20th February and Wednesday 21st February from 10.30am – 2:30pm in Victoria Park, Swinton.

Dirt Factory has teamed up with Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police to provide the free security tagging to bikes with an overall aim to to encourage 10-16 year olds to keep their bikes safe and secure while keeping active.

Dirt Factory will be the UK’s first indoor BMX park once the company secure a building. Their aim is to offer a place for mountain bikers and BMXers and to go when the weather is bad, or even just a high-quality alternative to the outdoors.


BMX airbag’s are becoming an increasingly popular event across the UK.


At the minute, the company are offering air bag hire, pump track hire, rental space and school/community activities.

At Dirt Factory they use real dirt on their track because they believe this gives the best riding experience – plus it enables them to change the layout to keep things fresh.

There will be a range of fun trails for all abilities built from dirt and complimented with a nice mixture of wooden features too.


So, this is why GMP have joined forces with Dirt Factory to offer free bike security tagging. BikeRegister tags mark your bike with a unique ID number to make it easier to recover your bike if it is stolen.

For more information visit their website here.



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