ECCLES Mosque took part in the #VisitMyMosque Day this Sunday, seeing members of the faith and wider community come together to speak openly.

The day was open from 12am to 5pm, offering visitors guided tours, prayer demonstrations, open questions and answers along with a wide variety of food and drink.

Tahir Mahmood, Senior Volunteer, led the proceedings and stressed the value of these open days, assisted by a wide array of volunteers.

Azizur Rahman, an events organiser for the Eccles Mosque said; “I can’t stress how important it is.”

In opening the door we opened the door to the wider community.”

The Eccles Mosque has attempted to show their willingness to support the community with many more open days outside this national event, three open days directly preceding this one.

They attempt to maintain this “open door policy” by organising school visits, scout visits and having many of their sermons in English, so as to welcome as many as possible.

The Eccles and Salford Creative Community hub also see cooperation with the mosque, hosting a “Cuppa Tea” session every second Thursday each month.

Along with this, the organisation have had an open relationship with Little Explorers nursery, who were also present at the open day.

Mr Rahman said; “We want our youngsters and our elders to be involved in the community.”

National #VisitMyMosque Day has been a regular event since 2015, with the number of Mosques involved increasing each year, Eccles Mosque having taken part in the events for the last three years.

This year saw over 200 Mosques across the United Kingdom taking part, seven across the Greater Manchester Area.

Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain, long time volunteer, said that the event is; “so important because we have so many shared values.”

“I think it’s a good initiative, but it’s just one step that Mosques are taking”.

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