A Manchester-based company, Radic8 have launched their new oxygen purifier, INBair O2, to help boost productivity and fight tiredness.

The campaign launched on the 16th April 2018 and is currently live on Indiegogo. The funds from early backers will be used to mass manufacture the product, which is expected to be ready for delivery in June.  

Designer and CEO, Richard Greenwood, said: “We set up Radic8 in 2015 as I saw that there was a real need for good clean air technology.”   “I partnered with a company in South Korea called INBair because they have the highest certified clean air technology in the world currently.”   The INBair O2 delivers concentrated oxygen through a light-weight, portable phone style headset.

  Unlike other ways of fighting tiredness, such as going for a brisk walk or taking a nap, INBair O2allows the user to carry on working while it takes effect. And they can also wave goodbye to jittery side-effects from overdosing on caffeine.

“Most people when they are in the office all day by the afternoon they have that slump which people don’t realise is caused by high CO2 levels and low oxygen consumption. You can have as many coffees as you want during that time but what we really need is a bit of fresh air.” Richard said.

Radic8 are the only company that has made the first recreational oxygen purifier.

Richard said, “We are making it very clear it is not a medical product.”

“In a hospital, an oxygen concentrator will be able to set the level of oxygen from 90% right down to 30%, ours is recreational, we don’t want to be able to give people 90% oxygen, we keep it at 40%.”

Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems in the world and Radic8 are passionate about solving the source of air pollution. Richard explains, “We have to try and solve the source of air pollution but the reality is that we are spending 90% of our time indoors and with the right technology we can solve air pollution tomorrow but we can’t do that with no air pollution. So there needs to be a double approach to this, solve air pollution especially in schools and hospitals as well as tackling outdoor air pollution.”

The INBair O2 is currently live on Indiegogo, the retail price is £500 but is currently discounted by 35%.

“To compare the price to a medical oxygen concentrator they are about £2000 so we have also made a real technology advancement more affordable.”

The INBair Ocomes with a small headset that sits around your neck without the worry of putting anything on your face.  Richard said, “You can drive with it and you can be at your desk with it. We put a lot of time and effort into getting the technology right.

“When you flood the body with clean oxygen for a small period of time, so for 30 minutes which is what we say is ideal, then your brain wakes up and your body wakes up so it’s not that we are saying this isn’t something new, this has been done for the last a hundred years all that we have done is put it in a very user friendly design package.”

Radic8 have recently made it onto the list of the top 100 most innovative companies in Greater Manchester. They came second in the global competition to fight smog in Krakow – ‘Smogathon’ in 2017.

“The response for INbair O2 oxygen purifier has been fantastic!” Said Richard.

To find out more visit www.inbairo2.com or contact info@inbairo2.com.

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