TODAY marks the start of National Walking Month, and there are plenty of locations around Salford to kick-start a new passion for walking or keep an old passion burning.

A recently devised and immediately popular route is the Salford Trail. The Trail encapsulates all of the sights of the city and is split into ten parts.

Helpfully, all sections of the Trail are accessible by public transport, so there’s little excuse to not give it a go.

It also holds the accolade of being the longest walk in the whole of Lancashire to be entirely within the boundaries of one city.

The ten sections of the Salford Trail go like this:

1.) Salford Quays to Peel Park- 5 miles/8km or 2.5 hours

2.) Peel Park to Kersal- 5 miles/8km or 2.5 hours

3.) Kersal to Clifton- 5 miles/8km or 2.5 hours

4.) Clifton to Roe Green- 3 miles/6km or 1.5 hours

5.) Roe Green to Walkden- 6.5 miles/10.5km or 3.5 hours

6.) Walkden to Worsley- 5.5 miles/9km or 2.5 hours

7.) Worsley to Barton or Brookhouse- 3.5 miles/6km or 2.5 hours (both routes)

best walks in salford
Barton Bridge. Credit: Manchester Evening News

8.) Barton Bridge to Salford Quays- 3.5 miles/6km or 2 hours

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9.) Brookhouse to Irlam- 5 miles/8km or 2.5 hours

10.) Irlam to Cadishead- 7 miles/11.5 km or 4 hours

These routes can be seen on the map below.

There are several walking groups in and around Salford, such as the Manchester and Salford Ramblers, who are always accepting new members.

The health benefits of walking are unquestionable, with regular short walks reducing your risk of major diseases like heart disease and diabetes by half.

The positives strongly outweigh the negatives, so why not try walking to work instead of using public transport this month and experience local beauty spots. Who knows, you might even like it.

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