University of Salford will be hosting GameLab at the largest science festival in England at the MediaCityUK campus on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of October.

Describing the weekend as “part laboratory, part playground”, event organisers have promised a weekend of puzzles, problem-solving and experimental gaming.

Professor Andy Miah, lecturer at the University of Salford and chair of GameLab, explains how this event is ‘bigger and better’ than every year before it.

“It’s a massive weekend of activity bringing science, technology, arts, media, culture, all together to communicate our research to the public.”

“It’s kind of like a cauldron into which we kind of stir all these things, and for the following year a whole bunch of activity comes from it.

“We would love people of the local community to come and see what Salford University is doing, to understand potential pathways for their children in higher education, and to make direct contact with our leading researchers.”

The free-to-enter event features more than 40 activities to take part in, including VR, eSport, drones and cutting-edge tech, science and media.

“By getting people together, playing with virtual reality equipment, gaming technology, exploring new scientific propositions, it’s a wonderfully collaborative experience, and that’s the best thing about it for me.”

“We’ve got a big e-sports showcase, at a time when the big Olympic community is thinking about getting it into the programme.

“This is a wonderful time to be making our mark in this world and hopefully innovating it too.”

GameLab is an event part of the larger Manchester Science Festival, which includes 142 events spread across Greater Manchester, running from 18th – 28th of October.

Other events include ‘Science and bodies’, located at the Science and Industry Museum, which explores how human bodies are changing through technology.

Fully produced and funded by the University of Salford and in collaboration with VR Manchester, GameLab will begin at 11am and run until 5pm on both days.

For more information on GameLab or the Manchester Science Festival please click here.

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