Business Ninjas

 Business Ninjas are targeting Salford to help people set up their own companies.

The community interest company can advise on issues such as training and funding. to encourage the employed and unemployed people of Salford to follow their dreams.

Rory Browne, 31, from Salford said: ‘’I have a strong interest in the Salford community.

‘’I grew up in Salford, there’s high unemployment rates.

‘’I just want to give back to the Salford community.

‘’Salford has a great community spirit.’’

‘’I’ve had this idea for a few years and I decided to go with it.

‘’I have a team behind me and hopefully the team will grow once we get going.’’

The Business Ninjas runs a free service to people looking to open their own business.

Mr Browne continued: ‘’we offer a number of different services including business plan writing, financial forecasting, modelling, and training and mentoring.

‘’We offer a tailored approach, we are an independent service.

‘’We aren’t linked to any of the funders directly or to the Government.’’

The Business Ninjas will fund this campaign in a several ways.

Mr Browne explained: ‘’we have several schemes and partners with us and we’ll be accessing grants.

‘’So, we are going to get funding from local schemes depending on what campaigns we are running.

‘’It’s a community interest company, any money goes towards the campaigns.’’

He has set up his own businesses in the past and now wants to help others.

He explains: ‘’I’ve accessed a lot of the services available in the past such as, the job centre new enterprise scheme.

‘’I had a grant off the princes trust and I’ve had start up loans.

‘’I’ve had businesses in the UK and I went travelling and set up a business in Australia before coming back home to Salford.’’

The Business Ninjas understand that there is a lot of services available, but they want to bridge the gap between the entrepreneur and the lender.

They want to transform the lives of those living in Salford willing to put themselves on the line and follow their ambitions.

Mr Browne said: ‘’we believe everyone has the ability to be successful if there is an underlying passion and deep desire for success despite any obstacles.

‘’We aren’t going to accept everyone, we want success stories and we want people who are willing to put everything into it.

‘’That’s what you need to run a successful business.’’

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