All You Need Is LSD’ is a fascinating story of LSD medical trials, told by the personal experiences of British playwright Leo Butler, we spoke to him ahead of the show’s debut at The Lowry.

In 2015, Butler was asked to attend an LSD medical trial, the first in the world since the 1960s. When asked if he ever thought he’d get a play out of it, Butler said: “I’d already started writing the play, but I didn’t really know which direction to take it in. When David invited me to take part in the drug trials I immediately knew I had the spine of the play – dramatizing my own attempt to write All You Need is LSD via the drug-trial. It meant I could set the play in the present day alongside all the history, science, and fantastical elements.”

It was his own experiences with psychedelics when he was younger alongside the help of adding to his plays narrative that inspired Butler to accept the invitation.

It’s not often that drugs in theatre are told through comedy, Butler said: “It just came out that way. Most dramas and conversations surrounding drugs are overly earnest and conservative, which – for me – doesn’t truly reflect the fun and pleasurable side of psychedelics. More than anything I wanted to write an entertainment, a fun night out. And I think that comedy is a great way of exploring serious issues anyway.”

“The Druggiest Play Never Written.”

When asked what makes the play so original, he answered: “No other play talks about drugs in a positive way or has special appearances from The Beatles and Doctor Who. And it’s got two directors, a wild & crazy set, four amazing actors, a couple of musical numbers, and Lurpak.

“I hope the audience will have a great night out and might go away thinking a little differently about drugs, or the language surrounding drugs.”

Butler is working on two more plays alongside a comedy television series, in the meantime, his albums with Dan Persad can be bought on iTunes. ‘All You Need Is LSD’ will be at The Lowry theatre from 6-10 November.

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Lowry Theatre Salford sees “All You Need Is LSD” take stage in November

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