A North-West radical poetry festival visits Salford

A new wave of experimental poetry and music fusion will be coming to Salford this weekend in the shape of the North West poetry festival.

Organisers Joey Frances and Nia Davies are introducing a brand new festival that they have named: ‘Poetry Emergency: A North West Radical Poetry Festival’.

Taking place in Salford, from 10:30am, on Friday, November 23 and in Manchester on Saturday November 24, the festival will incorporate a number of performances and seminars available for everyone.

The event is being funded by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership, who work alongside PhD students within the arts and humanities sector.

Both Mr Frances and Ms Davies are PhD students at The University of Salford and poets in their own right.

Mr Frances said: “This is the first festival of this size that either of us have taken the lead on.

“We were playing on the pun, emergence – meaning newness or difference – and emergency in the conventional sense.”

Throughout the weekend, acts from as close as HOME in Manchester and as far as Germany, are set to perform original pieces.

On Friday, Salford University’s very own New Adelphi Theatre will be hosting workshops including one led by poet, Gloria Dawson who will be exploring mischievous dissemination & the poetry of the year 1968.

Mr Frances, who is currently undertaking a Literature PhD, said:  “We were trying to capture the intersection between radical poetry, formally experimental work and radical politics in a contemporary moment of crisis.

“Obviously we don’t think poetry can solve that but we want to ask how our artistic community can be as best engaged as possible.”

The events in Salford on Saturday will include some of the North West’s most creative and innovative poets and writers including Amy McCauley and Stuart Calton.

For those with an interest in music and sound performance, there will be a variety of acts on Saturday evening at Manchester Metropolitan University including Manchester-based composer THF Drenching.

For more information of the events on this weekend visit their Facebook page here.

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