Maximus Networks, a smart city telecoms company, have teamed up with Trueform, responsible for London’s smart bus shelters, to strengthen connectivity in the UK. The telecoms company plans to invest over £150 million into the plan which will see over 2,000 interactive smart hubs across the UK.

The news follows an announcement that MediaCityUK has been chosen a location for Vodafone’s incubator base to test 5G.

The telecommunications company says the trial could be revolutionise mobile phone use

The Landing at MediaCityUK will house a new Innovation Hub and technology incubator, giving businesses access to 5G, Internet Of Things and high-speed fibre.

Speaking of the rollout of interactive hubs Ashley Smatt, CEO at Maximus Networks, said:” We’re delighted to be in a position to invest significantly in the upgrading of the UK’s public telecoms infrastructure. Working with Trueform on the design and build of MAX, we have created the world’s most technologically advanced hub with unrivaled functionality.

”By upgrading public telecommunications we are connecting communities and bringing our cities, town and villages into the digital age.”

Maximus Networks have been working with the award-winning street signage manufacture Trueform on the design of the MAX smart street hubs. They will be on UK high streets in 2019.

MAX Smart Street Hub

The hubs will provide free Wi-Fi and device charging among many other features.

These features include providing out-of-home connectivity and helping the city monitor pollution, traffic and even the weather.

”By upgrading public telecommunications we are connecting communities and bringing our cities, town and villages into the digital age.”

On top of that they will have access to emergency services and have cameras that can be activated if members of the public feel threatened. Furthermore MAX can be an advertising space for both business and local authorities to promote products and initiatives.

Jonathan Morley, CEO of Trueform Group, said:” Working with Maximums on the MAX 3 Project has been exhilarating. Maximus has taken digital streetside hubs way beyond anything that exists in the market.

Combining incredible design with innovation, it is exciting to be part of the next wave of technology towards making our cities smart and delivering tangible benefits to citizens, councils, charities and businesses.”

The hubs will not only provide the above assets but also act as an integrator for 4G and 5G networks and boost the existing coverage in each area. This will become increasingly useful when the 5G networks start to be rolled out next year.

5G will allow for even faster mobile streaming that should be equivalent to the speed of broadband. The increase of speed will mean less buffering and will make cities safer by letting diver less cars, and others, transfer data faster.

Media City in Salford has already been chosen by Vodafone to test the new 5G networks and will be one of the first cities to trial it.

Maximus Networks is currently consulting with the Government, local authorities, charities and businesses as it begins to implement this new network of smart hubs.

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