Natalie Lek, earned the reputation of being ‘The food fairy of the North’ for her charity work is preparing to fund raise £3000 to make and deliver 1000 Christmas dinners to people all over Salford and the rest of Greater Manchester this December.

The cause aims to bring comfort and support to those who find Christmas to be a particularly tough time of the year.

Open to absolutely anyone, all you have to do is get in touch regardless of any circumstances.

When asked how the idea of the project actually came about Lek stated that she had actually been joking around with the idea thinking there would be no real response for it. Posting on social median she said; “If you’re on your own at Christmas or can’t afford a Christmas dinner, inbox me I’ll make you one for free”

The backlash was huge with around 70 people taking her up on her offer. From then on for the past six years Lek has been expanding her operation, making more Christmas Dinners each year to help more and more people in the area.

The success of her work over the past few years has forced Lek, who is a student here in Salford to create ‘The Launch Project’. A completely non-profit organisation designed to help more people in similar situations throughout the year with events such as charity dinners and balls.

When asked why she continues to help people year after year, the mastermind behind ‘The Launch Project’ who has recently taken on it’s first employees due to the demand, said she wanted to be the change she wanted to see within the community.


“If our strap line is creating a healthier happier community, that starts with employment, it starts with access to resources like the food bank, like the nappy bank, it starts with looking at how society deals with community and what the community needs is what we should do.”

Natalie’s kindness and generosity has helped hundreds of people over the last few year. Often to a number of the same people who’s circumstances unfortunately don’t get any better.

In response to why people should donate to the project she said; “There is going to be a time in anybody’s life where you are broke, where you are lonely, where your family may have moved away or you have fallen out with your friends.

“The reason you should get involved with us to donate to this is because we’re the ones who will take care of you.”

For the full interview with Natalie and a chance to hear more of her story click below.

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  1. Julie Appleton

    Hi , Natalie
    I work as a community occupational Therapist in Salford and after reading about the work you undertake i am wondering do you have a referral system in place ? and what is the criteria .
    Our teams are being asked by carers and clients ii there anyone offering a free Christmas lunch or any entertainment for the elderly and for those with sensory impairment .
    Kind Regards Julie Appleton OT

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