Salford residents are fearing crime more than ever after the recent shooting outside a nightclub.

An attempted murder investigation is under way after a man in his 20s was shot three times outside Kingston Mill in Salford at the weekend.

There were 459 reported violent cases around the Salford and Eccles in October 2018,  according to UK Crime Stats.

Since June 2017, more than 400 violent crimes have been recorded each month in comparison to under 400 previously.

Salford has the fourth highest crime rate out of 15 cities monitored for the year ending June 2018, according to Police UK .

The 15 cities on the list of those most similar to Salford’s crime rates are as follows;

Even before the shooting, students were concerned for their safety due to crime in the Salford area.

Lauryn Goolamy, 19,  of Salford, said: “Crime is everywhere. However after the recent shooting in Salford, it suggests that there could be a rising epidemic. It makes me feel frightened that people are getting hurt on the streets I walk every day.”

Beth Lawrence, 19, of Salford, said: “I can’t say it’s the most safest place to live. I definitely wouldn’t walk around on my own in the dark.”

Dave Brown, 61, of Partington, said: “I used to live in Salford 30 years ago. I think crime is worse there now. If you paid me, I wouldn’t live there again. I have family in Salford and I worry about them when I hear about crime in the area.

“I hadn’t even heard of the shooting until a few days after. But I’m used to it now because you’re always hearing something. You just expect it.”

Greater Manchester Police website here

If you are feeling in danger or come across any crime in the area, call 999 for an emergency or 101 for non-emergency.

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