Two women from Salford spoke at a rally last night that called for misogyny to be classed as a hate crime in Greater Manchester.

The rally was organised by Misogyny Is Hate, a group set up by students from the University of Manchester and a branch of Greater Manchester Citizens and took place in the UoM student’s union.

Councillors, activists and students from Greater Manchester gathered to discuss the effect of misogyny and why it should be considered a hate crime.

Jane Gregory, founder of the Salford Survivor Project said: “Victims of domestic violence are punished repeatedly while many offenders are left unpunished due to an inadequate system.”

Ms Gregory also spoke of the issues within the judicial system and how often domestic violence victims are not believed or supported.

Hatty Ruddick, a student at Salford University, said: “We need to lobby our MPs and councillors… we need to create policies that cause havoc in our organisations until the day we can feel safe being who we truly are because misogyny is hate.”

Ms Ruddick, 21, explained that she had experienced many examples of misogyny within crimes whilst living in Greater Manchester.

Devi Joshi, 20, a leading member of the campaign, said: “With hate crimes you get specific training so it would help train up police and it would counter quite a few conceptions of police as not being sympathetic and victim blaming.

Making it a hate crime will alleviate those problems in Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK.”

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