Janet Browne from Salix Homes’ Finance Team, Salix Homes Facebook page

A BUNDLE of toys have been donated in Salford towards a toy appeal which will be given to children in need just a week before Christmas.

Salix Homes is supporting Salford Council’s annual collection organised by their Housing Options team to help children living in temporary accommodations this Christmas.

The organisation have been supporting charities throughout the year and have been working with the Housing Options team for 4 years.

Salix Homes have decided to take part in various charities such as the Salford Food Bank because many of their customers have benefited from them.

The service provides over 8,000 properties for people who have experienced hardship and homelessness especially during the Christmas period.

Lee Sugden, chief executive at Salix Homes, said: “People find themselves in need of help with the housing for a whole range of situations. People who’ve been evicted from their home, people who may have had relationship breakdowns or people who have suffered from domestic violence are fleeing that kind of violence.”

He added: “The one thing you learn in this job is that you can never assume that everybody is the same. Everybody has got their own story and it’s really challenging to listen to some of those stories that people have.”

The staff have a relationship with the families living in temporary accommodation and try to make sure the gift that they are giving is appropriate for the child.

James Allan, marketing brand manager at Salix Homes said: “We’ve got staff across the organisation who really sort of dedicate to these sort of things and that’s pretty much 95 per cent contributed to by staff across the business.”

He added: “We had someone this morning from our customer services team who dropped a trolley load of gifts and toys to the cause.”

The donations for the children’s toy appeal have been growing by the day and the charity is confident that no child will miss out.

Their aim is to make sure that every young person living in temporary accommodation has the opportunity to smile on Christmas day.

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