The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Male Voice Choir held a concert, last Saturday, at Monton Unitarian Church to help raise money for wheelchair access.

The concert also raised money for their local food bank, Mustard Tree. As well as the concert, the church also held a Christmas Tree Festival were several schools and businesses donated trees to decorate the church.

The church also decorated three of their own Christmas trees which added their own personal touch.

Each of the three trees represent the amount of baptisms, marriages and deaths the church has held.

Reverend Anna Jarvis, Minister of Monton Unitarian Church, said they are in need of wheelchair access for the church.

“The reason why we are raising money for tonight is partly for the Mustard Tree which is our local food-bank. We know that life is going to be extra hard this Christmas for a lot of people.

“We are also trying to raise money for a proper wheelchair ramp access to the church and we’ve just had it demonstrated how much we need it. The ramp that we had nearly tipped a young boy out of his wheelchair so that just makes me more determined to raise as much money we need here and get the ramp installed next year.”

Thomas Maher speaks below.

Ged Sweeney, chairman of the GMP Male Voice Choir, highlighted the importance of the police involved in community events.

“We mainly sing for charity. We sing tri-annually at the Royal Albert Hall for Cancer Research and we’re here tonight to raise money for wheelchair.

“It means that people can see us in a different light for certain. We socialise with them afterwards during the interval so it’s quite a friendly atmosphere, so I think that very important as well.”

To donate to the church you can contact Monton Unitarian Church on their website.

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