People living in Salford won’t be able to travel to the city centre like they were before yesterday. Transport for Greater Manchester has revealed future plans to Salford Now reporters.

Service 33’s route is going to change in order to decrease the traffic jams during peak times. Starting from the 9th of December the bus drivers are going to avoid the Mancunian Way area by driving on Liverpool Road instead.

Note: the green line is the new route. The route does not finish on Regent Road. After that area, the service follows the old route. 

A TfGM employee explained: “The bus route is going to change due to the heavy traffic that the Regent Road roadworks are causing and it will probably back to normal when the roadworks will be finalised.”

Samantha, a local, said: “I feel like it’s getting more difficult every day to get to work. Obviously, this new route will be better in my case, because it was taking me one hour to get back home instead of 15 minutes. For other people, it might be a mess, because their job might be on the old route.”

Alternatively, the commuters in the area affected can still get the following services: 255, 278 and 291.

Service 33 route changes – Liverpool Rd.

Last week a second bus stop was closed on the Regent Road, which meant that the pedestrians had to walk half a mile until the next open bus stop.

A spokesperson for TfGM, said: “Due to the roadworks on Regent Road, making these stops inaccessible to passengers, these stops were temporarily closed.

“Because of the extent of the roadworks we haven’t been able to site temporary stops at these locations and passengers are advised to use the next stop in operation.

“We are working closely with MCC, SCC and the contractors to ensure as many stops remain open during the works as possible and keep them constantly under review.

“The Sainsbury stop was due to be reinstated today, while the Water Street stop remains closed.

“All stops will be reinstated after the works are complete.” a spokesperson for TfGM mentioned.

The roadworks started in August 2018 and they aim to reduce traffic congestion within Manchester. They are to continue for at least 12 months but may be completed sooner.

TfGM advises those affected by the roadworks to try an alternative route or leave earlier.

See the latest updates about the Regent Road works here.


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