The student film ‘Hotel Balderdash’ has set a high standard for student filmmakers throughout the UK when considering its production.

With the film production starting in February, the film has tied down some extremely talented actors – such as the Netflix star Olivia Fearn.

The 30-minute horror thriller will be the first episode of a horror anthology series. A following five episodes have been written so far to conclude the first series.

Olivia Fearn will be taking a lead role, and has previously starred in the Netflix’s ‘The Innocents’, Tesco adverts and a British Teaching advert.

Mrs Fearn stated: “I’m very excited to be a part of this project, the script is very ambitious and if executed this could really be a film of merit.”

“I love working on a smaller scale like this, especially because its being a part of not only something I’m passionate about but its also that I’m being a part of something on my doorstep.”

The film is going to have a festival circuit of about 12-18 months. With an up-and-coming cast, director and talented cameramen this short film is hopeful to enter Edinburgh Film Festival, Grimm Festival, Fright Fest and Creepy Fest.

The team were very excited to tie down their filming location:

Director Luke Hall was the writer and director of ‘Werewolves are real in China’.

The small crew of nine students have worked on more than 5 films together, and this is their most ambitious project yet.

Currently the film is looking for help with its funding, If you want to help have a look here!

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