The idea for the event originally hailed from an event in Manchester named Bongo’s Bingo which takes place every so often in Manchester.

The event took place at the Salford Universtiy Student Union on Tuesday night.

The idea behind Disco Bingo was to put a spin on the idea of Bongo’s Bingo by adding dancers and live music acts in order to create a cheaper, local alternative for people in and around Salford whilst also offering a platform for live acts to gain some exposure by playing to potentially new people.

The Salford SU currently only showcases one other weekly music related event and so organizer Beth Platt will be hoping that her goal of injecting something fresh and music related into the SU’s agenda will become a reality.

The evenings proceedings began with a live performance from local band Velvet Shakes.

Velvet Shakes guitarist Scott said, ‘It was great to come down and play in our hometown to some new faces. This isn’t necessarily a platform we expect to be playing on but we’re very grateful nonetheless.’

The first live music act of the evening was followed immediately by Disco Bingo and a raffle from which there were many prizes to be won.

Following the raffle was the final act of the evening, a tasteful live performance of some of the latest chart hits by the Bandaoke Brothers/Sister.

Organizer Beth Platt praised all of the live acts of the evening and expressed her gratitude for how smoothly the evenings proceedings went.

With any luck, Disco Bingo will become a weekly event that anyone will be able to attend in the new year.





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