A group of masters students at the University of Salford have decided to give back to people in need by organising a food collection.

A representative of Salford Food Bank came to speak to the students in September.

During the talk the food bank told them about a burglary that happened their during the summer.

‘Shocked’ by this a group of the students decided to organise a food collection and replace the items that were stolen.

They organised the event for Christmas time because the students believed this to be one of the hardest times of the year.

Colin Davies One of the students said: “As students we decided we had to do something.

“We were slightly shocked that someone would have the audacity to steal from people in need.

“So we decided to focus in on student societies.and the library.”

Salford Food Bank don’t just want food, people are also in need of sanitary products as well.

Colin added: “We are not asking for much a tin of this or a tin of that.

“They don’t want beans, tins of tuna and things like that people might have in their cupboard

“Were not asking for much, but if everyone donated one tin then that would be a lot of tins for the food bank.”

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