Ever wanted to take up boxing but never had the courage to do so? Well now, you can fulfil your dream, for Free!

Gorilla Warfare Functional Training and Martial Arts Centre, Walkden, now offers 6-8 weeks of free training for beginners of all levels.

The sessions will take place on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7pm.

Paul O’Dee, in charge of the project, encourages all amateurs to get involved and enjoy a range of health benefits.

“Boxing promotes better mental and physical healthy living. It’s the Ultimate challenge.”

Paul explained that the sessions are entirely free, with a view to competing in white collar fights that will in turn raise money for charity.

They have particularly strong connections with The Christie charity.

Once entered into the fight, ticket sales start around £30 which goes towards the venue and medicals. Then the remainder, around £2,000, goes to charity as a generous contribution.

“Training camp will change your life for the better whilst positively raising money for charities.”

Whilst, not only providing a platform to take up boxing locally, there are also longer term health benefits.

“Once they’ve done this camp they’ve known how much it benefits their lives and carried it on”, Paul explained.

“We’ve had loads of clients and it’s changed their lives.”

It’s not just about boxing however, Gorilla Warfare’s training camp is geared towards building up fitness and essential dietary advice to add structure to your sessions.

“The changes in diet have helped them mentally, physically and aesthetically. This has allowed them to lose weight, build muscle and become more athletic.”

With such health benefits and advantages, the boxing classes could be the New Year hobby you have long craved to start.

Paul added that new members have often made friends for life.

“They often make new friends who then become good friends for the rest of their lives.”

So, if you’re interested in boxing and taking up a new physical activity, join Paul’s classes today and enjoy the “life changing” benefits.


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